OTS 30th Anniversary Trip || Germany || Day 1

 Germany to Israel || Rabbi Riskin Leads OTS Mission in Celebration of 30 Years of Impact A country with a rich history and a painful past, Germany evokes powerful emotions. It is not only the symbol of the darkest annals of our history, it is also the birthplace of Ashkenazi Judaism. Heritage sites and national …

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A Lag B’Omer visit from Rabbi Akiva

Lag BaOmer Bat Yam

“Lag B’omer is actually one of the few holidays which is celebrated in every single sector of Jewish Israel, from secular to ultra-Orthodox communities,” notes Itai Kremer, the Yachad Program’s Jewish Cultural Facilitator in Bat Yam. ” And yet, the average Israeli has absolutely no idea about the origins of the festival and what the …

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