OTS Teacher Wins “Environmental Hero” Award

Congratulations to beloved Neveh Channah and Neveh Shmuel high school teacher Arik Har Zahav on being awarded the “Environmental Hero” award by KKL and Yediot Aharonot! When he first suggested teaching Environmental Science, “they thought I was crazy, just crazy,” Arik recounts. But Arik, who believes that the environment and religion are deeply interconnected, has already …

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Creative Interpretations of Megillat Ruth

Ninth grade students in the Ann Belsky Moranis Art Program‘s graphic arts track at Oriya High School for Girls examined the texts and meanings of Megillat Ruth, then shared their personal interpretations of the verses through their creative prints. Their works were displayed in the Gush Etzion Regional Council building during the weeks preceding and following Shavuot.

“One day I found out I wasn’t a Jew ” – NRG (Maariv Online)

(OpEd published on NRG in honor of Shavuot – 5 June, 2014) “One Day I Found Out I Wasn’t a Jew” At the age of 27, in the course of registering for marriage at the Israeli rabbinate, Luisa discovered that she was not Jewish according to Jewish law. Now, after completing her conversion process, she …

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