Yad L’isha frees 30th aguna in 2014

During the course of her short, 3-year marriage, M.A. suffered from physical, economic and verbal violence and lived under the complete control of her husband who, among other things, took her credit card, refused to give her money and disconnected the phone line to prevent her from having contact with her friends and family. He said …

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“In Polish city, a wedding celebrates Jewish rediscovery and revival” – JTA

This amazing story of an amazing Jewish couple highlights Jewish renewal in Poland, and features Wroclaw’s rabbi, Straus-Amiel emissary Rabbi Tyson Herberger. “In Polish city, a wedding celebrates Jewish rediscovery and revival” by Ruth Ellen Gruber 06/24/2014 WROCLAW, Poland (JTA) — When Katka Reszke and Slawomir Grunberg tied the knot at the historic White Stork synagogue …

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“Being Normal: A Pat on the Back: Great or Gratuitous?”

Rabbi GrunsteinBeing Normal” – Audio Series by Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein, 

Director of Training and Placement of OTS rabbinical and educational emissaries

Shiur #57: “A Pat on the Back: Great, or Gratuitous?” 

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