“Fighting for their Freedom”

“Fighting for their Freedom” by Osnat Sharon 2/4/2015 When we sit around the Seder table this coming Friday night, we will be fulfilling once again the commandment of retelling the story of our Exodus from Egypt, celebrating the holiday of our freedom from slavery. It is precisely now that we must relate the stories of those …

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Aguna Freed After 28 Years

“Aguna of 28 Years granted Divorce Two Days Before Passover” by Jeremy Sharon 1/04/2015 Long-term agunot are unable to exit a marriage due to certain stipulations of Jewish law, are uncommon but sadly not unknown in Israel.  But the case of one woman, mercifully solved this week, is truly exceptional. Raya Dinenberg was unable to terminate …

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Karpas at the Pesach Seder

The Role of Karpas at the Pesach Seder By Rabbi David Brofsky What is the reason behind the “Karpas” at the Pesach Seder, and what is the significance of its name? A number of Rishonim (see Rashbam), based upon the Gemara (Pesachim 114), imply that the karpas is meant to stimulate the children to ask …

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News from the Ann Belsky Moranis Program

We are delighted to share some of the recent accomplishments of the various Ann Belsky Moranis Arts tracks in the Ohr Torah Stone schools. A Means of Expression At a recent gallery exhibition of art projects from all the art programs in the national religious high schools which took place in the Wohl auditorium of …

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