Counting towards a New Reality

Sefirat Haomer and Women’s Leadership — Counting towards a New Reality by Rabbi Kenneth Brander – 18/05/2018 “Not only is the teaching of Torah Shebe’al Peh to girls permissible, but it is nowadays an absolute imperative. This policy of discrimination between the sexes as to subject matter and method of instruction which is still advocated by …

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Diaspora Emissaries-in-Training Stop in Poland

Diaspora Emissaries-in-Training Stop in Poland  By Orly Harrari Arutz 7 – 15/5/2018 About 30 emissaries-in-training from the Straus-Amiel and Beren-Amiel Institutes returned from a week of training which took place in the Jewish communities of Poland.  “The trip exposes the challenges in the field from the outset.” About 30 emissaries-in-training, men and women, returned from a …

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