Parshat Noach – The ‘b’nei Elohim’ will meet their fate at Babel

Rabbi Shlomo Vilk

Parashat Noach: The ‘b’nei Elohim’ will meet their fate at Babel In this week’s Parasha, Hashem takes a new approach: rather than banish or annihilate, He empowers. The greater the knowledge, the rifer the controversy. Languages become muddled as the gate to heaven gives way to the utter pandemonium we call Babel. by Rabbi Shlomo VilkRosh …

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145,000 Israelis Embrace Heritage with Joy, Meaning and Unity

Family at Sukkot workshop

145,000 Israelis Embrace New Year with Joy, Meaning and Unity OTS’s Yachad Program for Jewish Identity brought the beauty of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah to more than 145,000 Israelis this year through their annual “Holidays are for Everyone” initiative, designed to ensure that Jewish traditions are accessible and meaningful for all …

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A Thousand Words – October 8, 2018

neveh shmuel ecology tour

Biology majors at OTS Neveh Shmuel High School for Boys went on a two-day ecological tour at Nitzanim, led by teachers Sarah Safrai and Shlomit Seri.  Students set up a microclimate station, monitored how indiginious plants and animals cope with their challenging habitat conditions, used ultraviolet light to see nighttime creatures (including poisonous snakes) and left a …

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