Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander – Lecture Topics

General Topics: Ruling Over The Other: Exploring the Halakhic Relationship with the Arab and Minority Communities in Medinat Yisrael Ethics in Philanthropy: Should Synagogues and Jewish Institutions Accept Tainted Funds? Is There a Glass Ceiling for the Role of Women in Orthodoxy? Beit Ha’mikdash, Beit Ha’sefer & Mikdash Ma’at: Exploring the Contemporary Role of a   …

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Thank You, Rabbi Scheinberg

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  Thank You, Rabbi Scheinberg All of us who work in the sacred space of Jewish-Christian relations owe a supreme debt of honor and gratitude to Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg By David Nekrutman and Pesach Wolicki –  Jerusalem Post Oped, 12/6/2018 On Sunday, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation …

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