There’s no place too far or too isolated

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There’s no place too far or too isolated In New-Zealand and England and even in far-off Brazil, the shlichim of Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel are active in hundreds of Jewish communities around the world. The common denominator: strengthening Jewish identity, fighting assimilation, and also their language – the language of Religious Zionism. Yair Kraus | Makor …

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Parshat Shemot: The Birth of a Nation

Michal Groushko

Parashat Shemot: The Birth of a Nation By Michal Groushko Taitel, Prinicipal of OTS’s Jennie Sapirstein High School for Girls in Ramot, Jerusalem  Dr. Orit Avneri shared some beautiful new ideas on Parashat Shemot in her writing, which I summarize below.  In the first few verses of the Book of Exodus, we encounter several expressions …

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A Thousand Words – December 24, 2018

Couple training day

One of the major challenges of going on shlichut is maintaining spousal and family relationships; the hectic pace, the desire to serve the Jewish people 24/7, and acclimating children to a new language and environment are just some of the reasons.  This is why, as part of the training for emiassary work, OTS’s emissary training …

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