A Thousand Words – January 14, 2019

Ramot Boys on tiyul

Tenth graders from the Jacob Sapirstein “Ariel” High School for Boys in Ramot, Jerusalem, went on a four-day journey in cooperation with the “New Guard” movement.  The boys hiked, learned about the importance and challenges of agriculture from a veteran farmer who was once David Ben Gurion’s aide, and helped farmers in processing olives and restoring …

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Parshat Beshalach: Jewish Unity is not Jewish Uniformity

Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein

Parashat Beshalach: Jewish Unity is not Jewish Uniformity People generally expect to achieve unity by thinking and doing the same thing. But even during the splitting of the Red Sea, the children of Israel didn’t walk in a single path. “If only we were to come together”… “If only there were unity in this nation”… We …

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