Rabbinical Court orders ‘shaming’ of get-refuser

Eli Sompo

Jerusalem Rabbinical Court ordered shaming of a recalcitrant husband who fled to Gibraltar In an unusual step, the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court allowed the publication of details of Eli Sompo, who has been refusing to give his wife a divorce and anchoring her in their failed marriage after fleeing and disappearing in Gibraltar. The goal: to …

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Parshat Ki Tisa: How the construction of the Mishkan relates to our lives today

Rabbanit Sally Mayer

Parshat Ki Tisa: How does the detailed description of the construction of the Mishkan relate to our lives today? We are all part of a large and important group to which each one of us contributes, in order to build a strong and cohesive society. But at the same time, each individual is an entire …

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