Parshat Pekudei: The Power of Responsibility

Avichai Foa

Parshat Pekudei: The Power of Responsibility by Avichai Foa, Director of Educational Projects, Ohr Torah Stone Only this week, after Bezalel had completed creating all of the priestly vestments, does the Torah inform us that the construction of the Mishkan has finally ended: “All the work of the Mishkan of the Tent of Meeting was …

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A Thousand Words – March 4, 2019

On tiyul with Yachad

One of the major components in the work of Yachad Program Jewish cultural coordinators is to imbue everyday Community Center activities with a Jewish component, empowering secular Israelis to connect to their heritage and history, and illuminating the relevance of Judaism in daily life. Eliahu Galil – Yachad coordinator of Chevel Yosef on Israel’s Lebanese …

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