Take Two: Oriya film track snags first place… twice!

Oriya film track

For the first time this year, the “Chemed” (State-Religious Educational tracks) held two film competitions: a Jewish-Social screenwriting competition, and the “Zusha” contest for films inspired by Hasidic stories. In an unprecedented fashion, the Ann Belsky Moranis Film Track at OTS’s Oriya High School for girls took first place in both contests! “The Suitcase” won …

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A Thousand Words – April 15, 2019

seder plate made out of chocolate

A mock Pesach Seder for educators-in-training at OTS’s Claudia Cohen Educators Institute swapped out the traditional Seder plate items for candy! The Claudia Cohen Institute reinforces the importance of the woman’s role on shlichut [emissary work in the Diaspora] and in Jewish communities in general, imparting to students the skills and tools they will need …

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