Darkaynu’s Elana Goldscheider on NSN

ELana and Nachum Segal

Nachum Segal welcomed Elana Goldscheider, founding director of Ohr Torah Stone’s Elaine and Norm Brodsky Darkaynu Programs for young adults with special needs. “Everyone should have a chance to be able to come to Israel….all of a sudden our students feel on an equal level with everyone else. There’s this feeling of ‘we belong.’” https://www.facebook.com/ots.org.il/videos/646569359153463/?__xts__[0]=68.ARDo2-L9J7uQMOZYW4mX4IjmTTjhTSR0edKqMtHdnQP9GbedyWLGkpxP8aJ6m3yWFG6qb9o-TjPmZ5xErslKNHi9Ni7MNzS-qQqWPsl5SpD3GVa5MHk7HUpDDLqy0XDCHFey_DGlTCSCHkE-twvpNMjH7upLIwg0s3iFU_r9UZDwWSsRq6hOoY2cbYQqy-xvld2soaLaeewJDnYusI15DSOAVcgs96n6FixBUCcRfsREPtBRbSma340ZAtPP9qGmxyZABl1HHCNIEMSJnCUlzbY4xQovrb_NfKiTyQtaxCQxGyrbONbyzfdjPB9D8Hed3WGsSSDCog_cCD8&__tn__=-R

An End that is a Beginning

Matat graduation

The 37 students studying in Midreshet Lindenbaum’s “Matat”- Carmiel branch in the Galilee brought their year of seminary studies to a close last week with a festive ceremony at the school surrounded by their parents, devoted teachers, staff members and mentors. A number of the young women had just completed the Talmudic tractates of Brachot, …

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