“Parsha and Purpose” – Vayera 5780

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“Parsha and Purpose”

Insights from Rabbi Kenneth Brander into Torah and Contemporary Life

Parshat Vayera 5780

Sources cited

  • Genesis 19:27
  • Exodus 4:20
  • Exodus 23:1 – 24:25
  • Pirkei DeRabbi Eliezer 31

‘I’m going to die and I want my death to be a Jewish one’

Paula kissing a mezuza

‘I’m going to die and I want my death to be a Jewish one’ Paula delved into Christianity and monasteries were her refuge during the Holocaust. But now, at 94, she’s decided that when she dies, she wants her death to be a Jewish one. by  Moshe Weisstuch | Israel HaYom | November 12, 2019 …

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Why I’m excited for Israel Night

Darkaynu girls

Why I’m excited for Israel Night Avi Ganz | The Times Of Israel | 13/11/19 It’s mid-November.  College application season.  High school seniors everywhere are scrambling to get paperwork together, essays written, fees paid, and, most of all, target schools identified.  Is it too academic?  Not academic enough? How’s campus life?  How’s my degree program? …

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Yariv Oppenheimer visits OTS Derech Avot

Yariv Oppenheimer speaks at Derech Avot

Yariv Oppenheimer: “I fear for what will happen if we hand over Hebron.” Former Peace Now director in a conversation with Rabbi Chaim Navon Raphael Levy | November 10, 2019 OTS Derech Avot Boys’ High School in Efrat hosted a discussion between former Peace Now director, Yariv Oppenheimer, and  the rabbi of Modiin’s Kehilat Shimshoni, …

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