A Thousand Words – December 14, 2020

Giving is receiving…  Since the establishment of the “Yachad – Jewish Identity” program, Yachad Jewish Cultural Coordinators galvanize thousands of volunteers throughout the country to do good – and this year was no exception. Helping others is a basic value of Judaism, and it forms the basis of the program’s nation-wide Chanukah drive.  Thousands of …

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Finding God in the Yosef Narrative

Gabrielle Berger

Finding God in the Yosef Narrative by Gabrielle Berger  Gabrielle (Hiller) Berger, an alumna of Midreshet Lindenbaum (’09), teaches Gemara in Fuchs Mizrachi School’s Junior High and Stark High School in Beachwood, Ohio.  Sometimes I find myself a little jealous of our forefathers and their almost casual relationship with God.  Sefer Bereishit seems to be …

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“Shabbat Shalom” – Miketz 5781

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Shabbat Shalom: Miketz (Genesis 41:1-44:17) By Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Efrat, Israel – “The Lord shall broaden and beautify Japheth, and he [or perhaps He] shall dwell in the tents of Shem” (Genesis 9:27) Why is there no clear religious prohibition against the study of Greek wisdom and intellectual involvement in philosophy, mathematics, the sciences, secular music, art, …

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