2021-22 / 5782 Fellows

Rebecca Abrahamson is co-director of AlSadiqin, an organization that researches the common heritage of Islam and Judaism. She has written and edited many articles related to interfaith dialogue for news outlets such as the Jerusalem Post, the Israel National News service, and the Jewish Press.

Rabbi Dr. Michael Ben Admon is head of Ohr Torah Stone’s Maarava program, which trains rabbis to work as emissaries in Sephardic Jewish communities around the world. He is very interested in halakhic approaches to non-Jews and in the position of the National Religious community in Israel on this issue.

Rabbi Yitzchak Ben David is a community rabbi in the Israeli city of Tzur Hadassa. He is a teacher, and works with leaders in the nearby Palestinian town of Husan to build relationships between their two communities.

Rabbanit Yaffit Gold is a graduate of OTS’s Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL) who serves as the Rabbanit of a school for religious and secular students in Tzur Hadassah, and works to create a spiritual community where religious and secular Jews can celebrate together. She specializes in the connection between spirituality and Jewish law.

Rabbanit Dr. Hannah Hashkes recently completed the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership’s five-year program and is now the Director of WIHL’s International Halakha Scholars Program. She has written a book on rabbinic discourse and has taught philosophy, Jewish studies and feminism on high school and university levels.

Rabbi Yoni Lavi is an educator, writer and speaker, and among the heads of the “Kehillim” organization, which provides Jewish content to different population groups through workshops and speakers. He has significant experience working with teachers, youth, singles and couples. Formerly a high school teacher, he now serves as a community rabbi in Petach Tikvah.

Rabbi Nir Manussi is a teacher and writer who spent many years exploring different religious traditions before returning to delve deeply into his own Jewish traditions. He is particularly drawn to Hassidic Jewish approaches, focusing his teaching and writing in this area. He has written two books, one on the connection between Torah and science and another on the role of women in Judaism from a Hassidic perspective (together with Yitzchak Ginsberg).

Yifat Misgav teaches citizenship and oversees educational pedagogy at Neveh Channah High School for Girls. She also facilitates continuing education courses for teachers and school principals and develops educational content for Herzog College. Yifat is trained as a yoetzet halakha (advisor on matters of ritual family purity).

Rabbanit Bili Rebenstein is the head of the beit midrash and a Ramit (senior Gemara teacher) at Midreshet Lindenbaum. She is beloved by her students, serving as a teacher, role model and mentor to them. Many of her students go on to serve in the IDF and reach out to her for guidance and advice throughout their service.

Rabbi Dr. Avraham Stav teaches at the Robert M. Beren Machanaim Hesder Yeshiva and at Neveh Channah High School for Girls. In his doctoral dissertation, he dealt significantly with comparisons among Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Netanel Shai Yechieli is a group facilitator who works for Beit Morasha, a center for Jewish leadership. He has significant experience running training workshops in facilitation for teachers, counselors and IDF officers. Among the groups he has worked with at Beit Morasha is a forum from religious leaders from throughout Israel, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and Bahai.

List of 2020-21 Blickle Fellows

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