Meet our New Shlichim! Daniel and Ruth Lecount


View previous Daniel and Ruth Lecount are off to Toronto, Canada, to teach in the Netivot HaTorah school. “The Beren-Amiel program provided us with the understanding that the idea of shlichut isn’t a one-off experience of going out and returning. There are those who continue their shlichut upon returning to Israel by maintaining the spirit of connection with the …

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Parshat Ki Tavo – Maaser and Truma: Declaring our Avodat Hashem

 Parshat Ki Tavo – Maaser and Truma: Declaring our Avodat Hashem Devora Chait-Roth learned at Midreshet Lindenbaum for the year 2015-2016. She is in her second year of a computer science PhD at NYU, and co-directed a women’s summer beit midrash program called Bnot Sinai. The way a person spends their money often tells a …

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A Thousand Words – August 23, 2021

aria and Joel Finkle Overseas Program

Students in Midreshet Lindenbaum’s Finkle Overseas Program wave Shabbat Shalom at the end of their first week of school! Israel’s “new normal” required their entering isolation upon arrival, but the midrasha staff rose to the occasion again this year by making sure that all needs were met, running projects via zoom and finding other creative …

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“Shabbat Shalom” – Parshat Ki Tavo 5781

Parshat Ki Tavo (Deuteronomy 26:1 – 29:8) By Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Efrat, Israel – “You must then make the following declaration before the Lord your God: “I have removed all the sacred portions from my house. I have given the appropriate ones to the Levite and to the orphan and widow, following all the commandments …

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