Bringing the Holidays to the People

shofar bapark Tel Aviv

Bringing the Holidays to the People From Rosh Hashana through Sukkot, as Jews of all backgrounds seek meaning and opportunities to connect, the Jewish cultural coordinators of OTS’s Yachad Program for Jewish Identity run a range of inviting events which attract tens of thousands of people of all ages. “A secular couple came to hear …

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Ynet -“A courageous decision under fire”

OTS is proud of commando paramedic Z., a graduate of Neveh Shmuel Yeshiva High School, for the brave, split-second decisions he made during a shootout near Jenin which ultimately saved the lives of the unit’s company commander and radioman (read the story, below). Neveh Shmuel’s principal, Chezi Zecharia commended Z., calling him an “exceptional young …

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Meet our New Shlichim! Rabbi Yedidya and Ahuva Toyber

View previous Rabbi Yedidya and Ahuva Toyber are embarking upon a rabbinical shlichut in Caracas, Venezuela, where he will be serving as the rosh kollel and she will be teaching in the local Jewish school. “We learned at Straus-Amiel how to reach out to Am Yisrael in a professional and valuable way emphasizing holiness, Torah …

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