Parshat Noach: The Extraordinary Powers Within Us

Bezalel Safra photographed by Rony Nathan

The Extraordinary Powers Within Us Rabbi Bezalel Safra is the Administrative Director of OTS’s Yachad Program for Jewish Identity. Are you able to bring down rain? Do people have the ability to impact on nature?  Surely that is impossible. However, a moment of reflection will reveal we actually do believe in this notion.  We even …

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“Shabbat Shalom” – Parshat Noach 5782

Shabbat Shalom: Parshat Noach (Genesis 6:9-11:32) By Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Efrat, Israel – “Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, so that they shall not understand one another’s speech” (Gen. 11:7). What is the connection between Adam’s existential state of aloneness and the tragic social isolation which results from the Tower of Babel, when one universal language …

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