2022-23 / 5783 Fellows

Rabbi David Ben Zazon is an educator, the former rabbi of Kibbutz Ein Tzurim, the founder of the Yonatan Mechina, and a partner in a wide range of other educational initiatives. Rabbi Ben Zazon is one of the authors of the Agreement for Mutual Respect, a legal, halakhic prenuptial agreement designed to prevent the use of the get as a bargaining chip in divorce.

Rabbi Menachem Bombach is the founder and Directof of the Netzach Haredi eduational network which combines Torah and academic studies. A member of faculty at the Mandel Institute, he possesses a Masters Degree in public policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Bombach lectures widely in Israel and in the Diaspora on subjects related to society and education. His main areas of interest are education and intercultural dialogue.

Rabbanit Avital Cohen Brenner is the Rabbanit of the Tzahali pre-IDF preparatory program for religious young women and a doctoral student at the Hebrew University of Jerualem writing about women’s entry into the field of teaching and arbitering Jewish law. She is a research fellow in the Maskilot program at the Hartman Institute.

Rabbanit Racheli Fraenkel is a yoetzet halakha and a teacher of Talmud and halakha at Nishmat, as well as the head of the advanced halakha studies program at Matan. Fraenkel is amongst the founders of the Jerusalem Prize for Unity and the Israeli “Day of Unity,” which supports programs fostering unity across Israeli society.

Rabbi Shaul Judelman is one of the heads of Shorashim (literally: Roots), a network of Israeli-Palestinian centers fostering dialogue and connection throughout Judea and Samaria.

Rabbanit Chani Kleiman is a Ra’mit (senior Gemara instructor) at the Migdal Oz Beit Midrash for Women and a doctoral student in Jewish Philosophy at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is researching the literature of the early kabbalists and the book of the Zohar.

Rabbanit Yonat Lemberger is the principal of Ohr Torah Stone’s Katz Oriya High School for Girls in Gush Etzion – a school renowned for providing high level Torah and academic studies which include opportunities to major in the creative arts, within a warm, supportive atmosphere. Lemberger is an instructor of young high school principals who are just starting out, and a lecturer in the “Avnei Rosha” program for training principals at the Jerusalem Michlala College. She is also a member of the administrative committee of Herzog College.

Noa Mevorach is a community social worker active in the Israeli mixed city of Lod, where she resides and where she and is active in programs fostering good neighborly relations between Arabs and Jews. She is involved in a number of groups addressing the national conflict through interfaith meetings.

Rabbi Elchanon Miller is the founder and director of “People of the Book,” an initiative through which to teach Judaism to the Arab world. He teaches Torah at Machon Pardes and is a research fellow at the Hartman Institute.

Rabbi Shay Nave is the Director of Ohr Torah Stone’s Yachad Program for Jewish Identity and a teacher of Talmud, Midrash and Philosophy.

Rabbanit Vardit Rosenbaum is on the faculty of the Mandel Institute for Leadership and of the “Shluchei Tzibur” organization for the development of leadership within Haredi society, in cooperation with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. An attorney and rabbinical court advocate, Rosenblum is also the founder and director of Midreshet Otot, in the framework, which teaches Gemara and Jewish thought to Haredi women, under the auspices of the Herzog College.

Rabbi Benayahu Tvila is a Haredi educator in Jerusalem, ordained by Yeshivat Slobodka as a rabbi and a dayan. He teaches Torah and pedagogy in a number of Torani and academic frameworks and has served a wide range of positions within the Ministry of Education. Rabbi Tvila’s poems have been published in a variety of publications.

List of 2021-22 Blickle Fellows

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