Parshat Pinchas: Miriam as an Example of a Successful Educator

Zion Rosner

Miriam as an Example of a Successful Educator Zion Rosner is a teacher at the Oriya High School for Girls The summer vacation is finally upon us, during which time most schoolchildren are not in any formal educational setting; however, they do make up their own daily schedule, which is largely characterized by the habits …

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A Thousand Words – July 11, 2022

Aliza Goldberg with bride Jaime

Mazal Tov! Yet another graduate of OTS’s Amlat Program for Spanish-speaking students has merited to establish her home in Israel! The mother of new bride Jamie Mostri revealed to program director Aliza Goldberg that Jamie decided to build her home in Eretz Israel after attending Amlat – and her entire family followed suit! Jamie joins …

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Meet the WIHL Fellows: Rabbanit Avigayil Unterberg Nouriel

Avigayil Unterberg Nouriel

View previous Meet Rabbanit Avigayil Unterberg Nouriel, a second year fellow in the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL). Unterberg Nouriel made aliya as a young girl with her family from Cleveland, Ohio. Today, she lives in Jerusalem with her husband, Yoni, and their two children Ilan and Shaked. Before coming to the WIHL, …

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