A Harbinger of the Festival of Freedom

Two gittin were attained today by Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline – a harbinger of the upcoming Pesach holiday, the Festival of Freedom!

Racheli after receiving her getSay Mazal Tov to Racheli, one of Yad La’isha’s clients from abroad. After lengthy negotiations, Racheli’s husband granted her a get… but unbelievably, this most precious of all documents was sent by an American beit din by regular post, to an unclear address, and it was lost in the mail! The entire process was restarted… but thanks to the dedicated and professional handling of the case by advocate Tehilla Cohen and social worker Tirtza Karniel, Racheli finally received her coveted get and will celebrate Pesach this year as a truly free woman.

Dina received her get this afternoon, too, after 35 years of marriage to a violent man who abused her and their children. Six years ago, she decided that enough was enough and embarked upon the divorce process. Then, eight months ago, Dina’s children found Yad La’isha on Facebook and arranged for their mother to meet with advocate Limor Hajaj of the Beersheva branch. And the rest is a story of freedom!

Limor Hajaj and Dina with get“It’s a shame that I didn’t know about Yad La’isha from the beginning,” says Dina, “because then I wouldn’t have had to endure everything I’ve gone through. I want to thank Limor and my social worker, Hadar Mali, who put happiness in my heart and encouraged me all the way. I also want to tell everyone: women should not have to be silent. Women are not supposed to get married in order to suffer and endure punches their whole lives. It’s not supposed to be that way, so do not suffer in silence.”

When asked what she wishes for herself now, Dina says: I think that now I have everything.”

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