A Thousand Words – April 29, 2019
Metivta students learning together after being recruited into IDF

After a year and a half of keeping warm from the light of the beit midrash, the very first group of students at OTS’s Yeshivat Metivta left the comforts of the yeshiva campus in Carmiel and headed to Bakum (reception and sorting base for new IDF recruits) to embark upon their military service. The students donned their uniforms – much like the priests of the Temple, whose uniforms reminded them at all times that that were messengers of all of Israel.

After an emotional parting ceremony at the yeshiva, we were thrilled to get pictures the very next day of our graduates continuing to study together in chavruta even as they await their new assignments.

May Hashem keep all of our soldiers safe in body and soul.


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