Derech Avot delivering packages

It’s been over a month since schools across the country were shuttered in the face of the coronavirus and all lessons were moved online. But although the academic curriculum, student-teacher relationships and even certain extra-curricular activities continue via zoom, nothing replaces a warm smile offered in person. 

With this in mind, the educational faculty of OTS’s Derech Avot high school for boys in Efrat packaged and delivered individual packages to each one of the school’s 500 students just prior to Yom Hazikaron, Israeli Memorial Day.  

Each packet contained a memorial candle, a letter about each of the school’s students, alumni and faculty members who have fallen in the course of IDF service or terror attacks, and suggested Tehillim. With an eye toward Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel’s Independence Day, celebrated the very next day – the package also had an Israeli flag, an Israeli songbook and marshmallow on a stick.  

“We’re also including a recipe for cheesecake,” read the letter, “in the unhappy event that we do not get to see you before Shavuot.” 

The encounters between teachers and students were extremely emotional, even from two meters away, and all parties agreed that they cannot wait to get back to the classroom. 



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