A Thousand Words – April 27, 2022
Zikaron BaSalon

We Remember and Never Forget

In preparation for Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Jewish Cultural Coordinators of OTS’s Yachad-Jewish Identity Program organized “Zikaron BaSalon” (literally, “Remembrance in the Living Room”) meetings in private homes and community centers throughout Israel, giving youth and adults an opportunity to hear firsthand testimony from Holocaust survivors and engaging them in an understanding that each of us is a strong link in the continuing Jewish chain.

Pictured: The Yachad coordinator in Petach Tikva, Aryeh Engleman, brought secular and religious youth together to hear the story of Engleman’s parents. “Our background or religious practice doesn’t matter,” said one of the participants, “we all share a common Jewish-Israeli history and we need to remember that and remain unified.”


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