A Thousand Words – August 29, 2022

Just a few hours after their plane touched down at Ben Gurion, this year’s Midreshet Lindenbaum overseas students were already at the Kotel, launching what will be one of the best years of their lives! The 50 girls from USA, Canada, England and France received matching white shirts emblazoned with the words “im eshkachech Yerushalayim tishkach yemini”. After a short drasha about kri’ah from Rosh Midrasha Rabbanit Sally Mayer, they approached the Kotel, recited the statement from the shulchan aruch, and tore the new shirts. The group then headed back to Midreshet Lindenbaum which will be their home away from home for the coming year (and for years to come!). 

Bruchot Haba’ot!

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