A Thousand Words – December 30, 2019
Binyan Madlik

Thousands of Israelis across Israel were brought together over Chanukah by their community center’s Yachad – Jewish Identity Program facilitator through myriad innovative initiatives in building lobbies, storefronts, living rooms and community center halls, from Eilat to the Golan Heights. 

In this photo, residents of an apartment building in Ashkelon light candles together through the “Binyan Shelanu Madlik” program. Literally meaning “Our Building Lights [Candles],” the project’s title also implies “Our Building Illuminates,” and captures the feeling of camaraderie that arose from the residents’ joint celebration of their shared heritage. 

“The brightness of the Chanukah candles, ‘in those days and in our time,’ brings warmth, hope, and faith even in dark and difficult times,” says Ashkelon Yachad coordinator Ilan Ivgy. “Our job is to spread the light, to ignite the spark and fan the flame, to unify and strengthen the people and the country.”


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