A Thousand Words – December 31, 2018
Tehila and Ayala

This photo of Ayala (right) was taken right outside the courtroom, just moments after receiving the get she has dreamed of for nine years. Two years ago she arrived, desperate, at OTS’s Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center. Rabbinical Court Advocate and civil attorney Tehila Cohen (left) took her case.

“At the urging of her previous counsel, Ayala agreed to sign an absurd, draconian divorce agreement in the hopes that her husband would grant her a divorce,” Cohen relates. “She took on all of his debts and gave him sole discretion of all family matters. She didn’t even receive the minimum child support as required by law. When she realized she made a mistake, the rabbinical court upheld the agreement – and with it, her status as a chained woman.” 

Cohen turned over every possible stone and finally found a creative means of action which ultimately led to the divorce.  Moreover, the rabbinical court canceled the initial divorce agreement, ruling that it was, indeed, was unfair. Today, finally, Ayala embarked upon a new life of freedom. 


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