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To get together. To speak. To understand.

This week, students of the Robert M. Beren Machanaim Hesder Yeshiva experienced a number of get-togethers that enlightened, empowered and enabled their interaction with a variety of voices in Israeli society.

Our students went to Kikar Hachatufim, Hostage Square, where they met with students from the Negev Mechina and engaged in joint discussion about the state of society. They met Dr. Ruth Calderon and learned from her about secular Torah study, and studied with her a short section from the tractate of Bava Batra. In addition, they met Ronen Keller from “Brothers in Arms”, with whom they discussed reform of the justice system, the war and more…

The disagreements and debates that sometimes arise from meetings such as these enable the possibility of discourse – the very heart of Jewish education. The ability to listen to others’ voices – and then to hear our own voices reflected back at us through them. This is an essential foundation of the Ohr Torah Stone way, and an essential foundation for building a better society.


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