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Last Friday night, Midreshet Lindenbaum’s Maria and Joel Finkle Overseas Program students hosted 64 Druze visitors, most of them families of the fallen heroes of the Swords of Iron War, for an evening of prayer, singing, remembrance and appreciation – part of the annual Shabbat Yitro program initiated by the Yakir Organization to celebrate the unique bond between Jews and Druze in Israel.

Our students honored fallen Druze soldiers by preparing thoughtful gifts for their bereaved families and preparing a memorial table honoring the Druze heroes who fell in battle to show solidarity and empathy, expressing that we are sincerely grateful for their sacrifice and that we share their pain. The Midrasha choir inspired all of the attendees, and the students participated in a fascinating conversation with the bereaved Druze father, former MK Shakib Shanan.

“We created a moment of Kiddush Hashem as an authentic expression of our basic Torah values,” said Yakir founder Rabbi Yaakov Kermaier. “The students’ teachers and faculty should be proud of them.”

And we are! Hoping for continued connection and unity, in better and quieter times.


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