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This week’s Photo of the Week comes to us from Tzipia Mezuman, coordinator of our Monique and Mordecai Katz Yachad Program for Jewish Identity branch in the Golan town of Katzrin.

In honor of Tu B’shvat, Yachad harnessed the power of the local Youth Center to make and deliver packages with saplings and books (“A Family Mobilized to the Reserves”) to the families of IDF soldiers living in and around the community.

In fact, there’s a strong connection between Tu B’Shvat and OTS’s nationwide Yachad initiative, whose focus is “planting” and “cultivating” strong, cohesive communities throughout Israel on the basis of the heritage and values we all have in common, no matter what our age or backgrounds.

This is how you plant a common future. B’Yachad – together.


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