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Mazal tov to Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center client Chaya, who was set free this week after 35 years of marriage.

Three years ago, Chaya gathered up the strength to ask her violent, adulterous, loafer husband for a divorce. He refused.

The court ruled that he must give Chaya her get and when he continued to refuse, they handed down sanctions including revoking his drivers license. But when he learned that Yad La’isha had prepared a flier with his name and photograph for the purpose of “shaming”, he contacted the court, saying he was ready to let his wife go – however, he also had an entire list of demands…

Yad La’isha staff advocate Tamar Oderberg stood firm in her demand for an unconditional divorce and, when Chaya’s husband realized what he was up against, he dropped his demands and granted her the coveted divorce. Freedom at last!



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