A Thousand Words – July 1, 2019
Helsinki group visits gaza border

Meet Sarah and Ethan – a Jewish couple from Helsinki, Finland – pictured here with their two children and friends, on their first ever visit to Israel.

Sarah and Eitan came to visit with Avichai Koch, a farmer from Moshav Tekuma on the Gaza border. Their connection to Koch, and to Israel, came about six months ago, when Koch visited Scandinavia as part of the OTS Amiel BaKehila program, an initiative aimed at building ties with small Jewish communities around the world. “During my delegation’s visit, I shared information about the Sabbatical year and about agriculture, and I also explained what it was like to live and farm near Gaza,” says Koch.

Sarah and Eitan maintained contact with Koch and arrived this week for the first time to visit him and tour his greenhouses. “At first I was worried about coming,” said Sarah, “but now I’m so glad we did.”


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