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The end of a school year can be marked through many kinds of celebrations, but at Midreshet Lindenbaum-Lod it was marked by a series of events that highlighted the values that directed the students all year round: joy and growth in Torah study, involvement and commitment to the community and the people of Israel – all performed with light in their eyes and joy in their heart.

In a series of special events, the students celebrated together: 37 young women who made a siyum on a tractate of the Gemara; 17 who completed the entire Tanach; 3 girls who completed the books of the prophets; and others who chose to finish books on Jewish thought. In addition, they celebrated the end of a year of weekly chavruta study with 25 girls from the city of Lod and participated in a community event in the Ben Shemen forest highlighting many of the various projects in which the students volunteered throughout the year.

How wonderful to stop for a moment and take note of the students’ many projects and achievements this year! Of course, the end of this academic year is also the beginning of an exciting new future. We trust that these young women will continue to make an impact on the world by bringing their values and light wherever they may be!



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