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The rabbinical court advocates, lawyers and social workers staffing OTS’s Yad La’isha:The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline organization provide legal representation and social support to agunot from all over Israel – and the world – who are being denied a divorce. Their extraordinary dedication and professional investment in their clients is a lifesaver (often literally) for countless women and their children, as they face a very complex and challenging time.

This week, the northern branch of Yad La’isha in Afula dedicated their new office with the participation of the city’s rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel David and his wife Rabbanit Hadas. The mezuzah was affixed along with hopes and prayers for change for agunot from all over the region who need Yad La’isha’s services.

If you or anyone else you know is in need of help, reach out to the national hotline at Yad La’isha, which has branches in Afula, Beersheva, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv: 1-800-200-380



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