A Thousand Words – July 6, 2020

Students from Midreshet Lindenbaum-Matat are illuminating Carmiel!


The end of the year, and with it the end of a period marked by volunteering in the community for the sake of others – and how do you mark the end of such a year if not with a day completely dedicated to good deeds?


Throughout the entire year, the girls chose communal responsibility. They chose to help, plant, paint, build, accompany, teach, arrange, sort, pack and assist. They chose to meet ‘the other’; to make a real difference in the lives of tens of people, from children to the elderly. They chose to give – out of purity and without pretension.

These young women have merited to make people happier and to make their lives better, to open hearts and to be part of a challenging teaching experience that will accompany them throughout the years, during their military and national service – and beyond.


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