A Thousand Words – June 10, 2019
Kids celebrate Kabbalat Torah in Tel Aviv

The Festival of Shavuot is referred to as ‘Zman matan Torateinu’ – literally: the time of the giving of our Torah. The operative words here are ‘our Torah’ – because the Torah, in fact, was given to everyone and should thus serve as a source of inspiration, pride and guidance for all Jews, no matter what their level of halakhic observance.  

From the medieval commentator Rashi we learn that at the time that the Jewish people received the Torah on Mount Sinai, they were united, as ‘one person with one heart.’  

With these principles in mind, coordinators from OTS’s Yachad Program for Jewish Identity brought together thousands of Israeli Jews, religious and secular, to celebrate together the Festival of Shavuot and the receipt of our Torah.  Learning groups, lectures, workshops and happenings for adults, teens and children were held in 108 community centers across Israel, reminding unaffiliated Israelis that the Torah belongs to them too, and connecting Israelis from all parts of the religious spectrum to one another as one nation – with one beating heart.


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