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At Ohr Torah Stone, we understand that the Torah is the Tree of Life, but we also put the sentiment into practice.

In our Photo of the Week, 11th grade students at “Ohr Torah Ariel” High School, named for Jacob Sapirstein in Ramot, Jerusalem took the initiative to create a Tree of Life art piece for their Beit Midrash entrance in memory of their teacher Rav Avri’s son, Sgt 1st Class Elkana Newlander z”l who fell in Gaza, and alumnus Staff Sgt Tal Levy z”l, who fell on Oct. 7th.

(Upper left photo, l to r: Rav Avri Newlander, Elkana z”l’s father; school principal Yuval Farjun; Zahava Levy, Tal Levy z”l’s mother)

Through this beautiful artistic tribute, our students are demonstrating how the light of Torah shines even in the face of tragedy, transforming grief into a powerful legacy of remembrance and inspiration.


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