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This week, a ceremony was held by the Ministry of Education to award certificates of appreciation and recognition to outstanding activists. At the ceremony, two amazing 12th grade students at OTS’s Jacob Sapirstein High School for Boys in Ramot, Ari Aharon and Roi Dahan received the Medal of Excellence.

Ari and Roi set up an incredible program in Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood, through which they coordinated approximately 100 volunteers in assisting about 300 elderly people throughout the neighborhood by shopping for food and medicine, helping them out at home, spending time visiting them, and more. The entire project was the initiative of these two amazing students.

We wish Ari and Roi much success in the future – may your lives continue to be characterized by the spirit of giving, doing and helping!

Pictured: Ari Aharon, Roi Dahan, Principal Yuval Farjun and staff of the school at the ceremony with Israel Prize winner Mrs. Miriam Peretz



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