A Thousand Words – June 22, 2020
Liat (right) and Yifaa Blonder

Mazal tov to Liat (right) who finally received her long-awaited get this morning – thanks to her advocate at Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline.

Only 27 years old, Liat’s marriage showed signs of trouble already on the night of the wedding, and things got steadily worse over the next seven years as her husband’s irresponsible behavior created ever-increasing problems while also racking up hundreds of thousands of shekels in bills.

Liat’s advocate, Yifa’a Blonder, provided her with superb representation in the rabbinical courts, resulting not only in Liat’s release from her recalcitrant husband, but also from the enormous debts he had accumulated in her name.

Liat – we’re so excited that you will finally know happiness. From this moment on, you’re a free woman and your entire life is before you – good luck!


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