Katz Oriya last day of school chessed 1

The last day of studies at the Katz-Oriya High School for Girls in Gush Etzion began with many activities – festive Rosh Chodesh prayers, class graduations and the distribution of certificates, and an experiential activity examining unity, kindness and Israeli society. But the real statement that exemplifies the school’s commitment to Jewish values shone through the conscious decision to spend the day engaged in very real acts of chessed.

“The girls chose to celebrate the last day of school in a very unique way – through giving to others,” relates principal Yonat Lemberger. “All of the grades came together for a cooking marathon – they baked cakes and hot meals with mains, potatoes, rice, and myriad salads for families in need, and then travelled with their teachers to hand deliver the meals to families in need throughout Gush Etzion and Kiryat Gat.” Funds were raised in advance by the 11th graders, who also arranged for donations of groceries, cooking equipment. “Ending the school year with this kind of activity is a very strong ideological statement,” Lemberger says.

We are so proud of you, dear students! The future looks brighter because you are in it.



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