Rav Vilk, Rabbi Brander at Derech Avot's 25th

OTS’s Derech Avot Junior High and High School last week celebrated its 25th anniversary of providing the youth of Gush Etzion with a stellar education and close attention to each boy’s personal development.  Alumni and former members of faculty and staff came to take part in the joyous festivities which also honored those members of the Efrat Municipality who were (and remain) partners with Ohr Torah Stone in the school’s establishment. 

Pictured: Former Principal Rabbi Shlomo Vilk (center), and OTS President and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander (right) were caught by the Elyashiv Livyatan‘s camera lens as they enjoyed a trip down memory lane via speeches from members of Derech Avot’s very first class. 



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