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At OTS, education transcends the classroom, as illustrated in our Photo of the Week.

11th graders from Jennie Sapirstein Junior High School for Girls in Ramot, Jerusalem visited Ofakim, a town deeply scarred by October 7th, where they met with Officer Itamar Alus, who heroically fought terrorists and saved lives; Amitai Ochayon, who lost his father and brother – yet continued to fight bravely; and national heroine Rachel Edri, who fed her Hamas captors while secretly conveying information to the SWAT team she knew was watching. More than just hearing stories, the girls also brought plants and comfort notes to local bereaved families.

The outing was more than just a field trip, it was Torah in motion. As we approach Shavuot, this journey reminds us that the Torah is not just learned but lived.


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