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Ulpanat Katz Oriya High School launched the month of Adar Bet with a powerful and moving activity that was especially resonant for our times. The girls chose the theme “Acharit HaYamim” – the “End of Days” – and focused on a number of prophecies of consolation predicted by our prophets. The entrance to the school was enveloped in the darkness of before the redemption, while pictures and quotes referenced difficult historical events we have experienced, alongside empowering quotes of fallen soldiers from the current Swords of Iron war.

From there, students emerged into the “End of Days”, descending to the Genet auditorium for a powerful Tefilla and Hallel, followed by exhuberant singing and dancing. The annual ceremony coronating the “Rabbanit Purim” was adapted to the current situation, interspersed with prayers for the soldiers and hostages and explanations of the various stages of redemption, before the students dispersed into chevruta study sessions, with an emphasis on togetherness.


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