Rivky mora hameah 2022

Rivky Yisraeli, educational coordinator and advisor of Ohr Torah Stone’s Neveh Channah High School for Girls, Named in Memory of Anna Ehrman, was selected as a “Morei Hameah,” the top 100 educators who were honored by CHEMED – the Ministry of Education’s state-religious stream – for being exceptional educational leaders, pioneers and entrepreneurs from the pedagogic, educational and religious perspectives.

Yisraeli was chosen as the result of an initiative she developed at the girls’ high school, “Personal discourse for the development of resilience, protection and belonging.”

This year the ceremony theme was ‘Heroes of Power’, marking the educational endeavors in the days of the Corona challenge and its implications for the educational system, the ability of educators and schools to see each and every student, to be there for them and bring them to their full potential.

“We educate our students to express in the broadest way the ‘image of God’ within them,” Yisraeli said. “It is our duty to perform tikkun olam – to better the world – in every sense of that expression.”



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