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This week, coordinators from Ohr Torah Stone’s Yachad Program for Jewish Identity ran model seders under the banner “A Journey into the Haggadah” for Israelis all over the country – from the southern tip of Eilat and all the way to the one pictured here, at a home for senior citizens in Ramat Yishai, in Jezreel Valley.

Each participant received a hagaddah and a package of shmura matzah – in addition, of course, to an abundance of games and ideas for running a successful seder. “This was an amazing way to prepare for a family seder that would keep our children interested and connect them to their heritage in a very real, exciting and relevant way,” said Rami Bouskila, who participated in a mock seder in Rishon Letzion.

Kol Hakavod to all those who were involved in the planning and execution of this program!Jezreel Valley



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