A Thousand Words – March 4, 2019
On tiyul with Yachad

One of the major components in the work of Yachad Program Jewish cultural coordinators is to imbue everyday Community Center activities with a Jewish component, empowering secular Israelis to connect to their heritage and history, and illuminating the relevance of Judaism in daily life.

Eliahu Galil – Yachad coordinator of Chevel Yosef on Israel’s Lebanese border – dressed up as Avraham Avinu for a recent event signifying transitions, designed for the community’s 6th graders, who will be moving into junior high next year. Among the booths at the fair, Galil made sure to include stations relating to transition in the weekly Torah portion, the Jewish holiday cycle, and an entire activity about how our forefathers and foremothers handled change throughout Tanach.


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