Eitan Yulis from Neveh Shmuel wins first prize

On the eve of Yom Yerushalayim, OTS held the final round of a Yom Yerushalayim Contest, organized by the “Corona Committee”: a group of students from all six OTS high schools who banded together to promote exciting, network-wide programming in spite of the limitations imposed by COVID-19 over the past two months. 

Ten impressive finalists, from all six OTS high schools, came togethether for the public quiz, which was broadcast live on the OTS Youtube channel. The contestants demonstrated tremendous knowledge about various issues related to Jerusalem: its gates, names, characters, major places, existing tourism, history and more.

The team of judges, headed by OTS President and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Kenneth Brander, was deeply impressed by the contestants’ knowledge, finding it difficult to decide who would win the first places. After counting points and deliberation, the final results were: 

Fourth place – Ori Katz from Neveh Channah High School for Girls, Named in Memory of Anna Ehrman

Third place – Barry Koenigsberg from Yeshivat Neveh Shmuel for Boys, Named in Memory of Samuel Pinchas Ehrman

Second place – Yuval Yaron from Neveh Shmuel

And first place went to…. Eitan Yulis, also from Neveh Shmuel

All four winners received prizes from the Ricochet camping store as well as tours from the City of David, and all of the contestants were also awarded a prize. 

But the real winners of the contest were the tens of students who took part in the contest’s early, unbroadcasted stages who learned a lot about Jerusalem and drew tremendous inspiration from the City of Gold.



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