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16 years ago, Galia discovered that her husband was living a double life with another woman. She left him, and since then waited for a get, the writ of divorce that would grant her freedom. We are thrilled to share that yesterday Galia was finally released from the nonexistent marriage – thanks to the intervention and representation of Rabbinical Court Advocate Devorah Brisk from OTS’s Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center for Agunot.

The advocates from Yad La’isha work round the clock to free women chained to get-abusers. To date, they have freed over 1000 women – three of them just this week!

Congratulations to Galia and to the other two newly freed women, Noa and Sarah. And kudos to Yad La’isha’s advocates! May you always have the wisdom and the strength to continue your holy work.

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