A Thousand Words – November 18, 2019
Playback theater

In addition to providing legal counsel and representation for agunot in the rabbinical courts, clients of OTS’s Yad Laisha – The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center are also provided with the support of staff social workers and personal coaches, out of the understanding that the difficulties faced by women being denied a divorce do not begin and end in the courtroom.

One of Yad La’isha’s social workers, Tirtza Karniel, opened an incredible Playback Theater workshop for former and current clients. In a Playback event, one participant tells a story from their life, chooses which actors will play the various roles while all others present watch the enactment as the story “comes to life” with artistic shape and nuance.  The group, which contributes to the women’s healing and empowerment, is facilitated by Ayelet Ben Ari with great dedication and talent. This week, Assi Shimoni of the Psik (comma) Theater volunteered to give a session on masks – during which the women learned the double value of a mask which on the one hand disguises, but on the other hand can actually be very revealing.



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